Joining the army at 16 years old, John served as a Royal Engineer and served in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the Balkans and Northern Ireland. During his time in the military, John often used his artistic skills to sketch the people and landscapes, as well as the rest areas and squadron bars.

John went on to read Film at Bangor University, before going on to further this with postgraduate and PhD studies. During this time he made short films and developed an obvious style in his work which he took with him when he started to direct television programmes.

Always using his skills with a pencil to storyboard his ideas, John would finally sit down and begin to produce dedicated pieces of work for no other reason than he wanted to. It gave him a way to work in the medium he had in his early life, and produce work he had always wanted to.

John's TV work was often dark and something he could not show his children. So he took the opportunity to make some children's programmes just so he could show them what Dad did. John was nominated for a Prix Jeunesse International award for his children's programmes. From this, John began to develop his own children's stories and started to develop an idea to help children learn sign language. This eventually became the Catrin & Abi series which brings together his writing, art, and filmmaking skills.

J.B. Evans

Author | Illustrator 

J.B. Evans is the author name used by John Evans.

John is a film and television director, and artist from North Wales. He was born and raised in North Wales and grew up in Bangor along the Menai Straits, surrounded by a mixture of urban and rural life.

A love of rugby, football, film, and art was there from the beginning but it would not be until his late 20s that he would start his career in filmmaking.

John grew up in a council house with his mother and three siblings. They were poor but they made the best of it and never felt they missed out. John would draw on the back of opened envelopes and scraps of paper once his pads were full and would sketch footballers, actors, or perhaps something that would never be.

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